Earwax buildup can cause symptoms you would not expect. These symptoms can include hearing loss, dizziness, feeling of fullness in the ear, cough, earache, and tinnitus or ringing in the ear. It is important to have the earwax safely removed, because some removal methods can be ineffective and even dangerous. We all know someone who swears by earwax candles, but this is actually a method that can do more harm than good.

They Are Dangerous:

Ear candling involves placing a lit, hollow, cone-shaped candle in the ear canal. The thought process is that the heat from the candle will provide suction to remove ear wax. However, this does not occur, and the process can cause harm. Earwax candles can be dangerous. The earwax candle can push earwax further into the ear, puncture the eardrum, leave candle wax residue in the ear canal, and can even cause burns to the ear and face. Removing earwax by ear candling is not safe or effective and should be avoided.

How To Remove Earwax:

While there are many methods of earwax removal (such as earwax candles, cotton tips, drops, etc.), the best earwax removal method is to visit an ENT. An ENT can safely remove the earwax from your ear, careful not to cause any injury to the ear. You should see an ENT for ear wax removal if you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above. Removing earwax can help improve your hearing and can resolve other related ear issues. If you have earwax build up that needs to be removed, you can schedule an appointment with National Allergy & ENT’s board-certified otolaryngologist (ENT) Dr. Joseph Russell. To schedule an appointment please call (843) 576-3302 or you can schedule online.

Source: Mayo Clinic