This Thanksgiving and holiday season is more stressful than other years, due to the stress of COVID-19. While it is important to stay safe during the holidays, wear a mask and socially distance, it is also important to remember those with food allergies. The following are tips for both a COVID-19 and food allergy free dinner.


COVID-19 Tips:

If you are planning to travel for Thanksgiving, then it is important to take some factors into consideration.

  • Is someone in the group at increased risk for getting very sick from COVID-19? If so, it might be best to find other ways (i.e. video call) to celebrate with this person.
  • Are cases high or increasing where you are going to be? If the answer is yes then it might be best to either stay put or to not invite others.
  • Avoid large groups and disinfect/clean often.

It might be best to host a virtual Thanksgiving meal. Simply schedule a time to share a meal virtually.


Food Allergy Tips:

If you are not preparing the Thanksgiving meal, it is important to reach out ahead of time to the host. Inform them of the food allergy and all the necessary precautions that need to be taken. For example, a host might know not to add eggs to a specific dish, but they could accidently use the same utensils to make both an egg free and egg dish. The most important step to ensure the food allergy is not an issue is to provide people with information. If you are still worried about allergen exposure, it is best to bring in a dish of your own that you know is safe.

If you are hosting and are worried about not serving classic Thanksgiving meal dishes because of a food allergy, there are many substitute dishes that are similar. You can head over to for some dish ideas that everyone will love.

We can all still have a wonderful Thanksgiving while being safe from both COVID-19 and food allergies. If you need help managing your food allergies or need to schedule an appointment then you can call National Allergy & ENT at (843) 797-8162 or schedule an appointment online.