For many people with allergies, they experience symptoms year-round. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, about two-thirds of those who suffer from spring allergies struggle with allergies year-round. Summer allergy symptoms can be as debilitating as spring and fall allergies. During the summer, your allergies can manifest in symptoms you may not recognize as allergies.

Summer Allergy Symptoms:

Allergy Bags: During the summer, the congestion of small blood vessels beneath the skin in the delicate eye area can cause dark circles under the eyes.

Allergy Face: Nasal symptoms can cause swelling of the adenoids. This is the lymph tissue that lines the back of the throat and behind the nose. Swelling of this tissue can create a tired and droopy appearance to the face.

Nasal Crease: For those who try to relieve their nasal congestion and itching by rubbing their nose upward can eventually develop a line across the bridge of their nose. This is a nasal crease.

Mouth Breathing: Another summer allergy symptoms is mouth breathing. Those with severe nasal congestion caused by allergic rhinitis can struggle with mouth breathing. This is also associated with the development of an overbite, high arched palate, and an elevated upper lip. Teens struggling with allergic rhinitis might need braces to correct these dental issues.

While these are some stand out symptoms, summer allergies still cause the standard symptoms of allergies. Itchiness, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, etc.


If you are suffering with summer allergy symptoms, the first step to relief is understanding what triggers are causing your symptoms. There are multiple grasses, weeds, and trees in bloom during the summer that may be causing your symptoms. It is also possible to have allergy symptoms from certain fruits and vegetables, even if you do not have a food allergy. This is called Oral Allergy Syndrome. Avoiding and/or cooking these fruits and vegetables can help decrease symptoms.

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