Nothing is scarier than having a child with asthma. Anxiety and fear can quickly take over both child and parent when a child’s breathing is limited. Parents may suspect that their child has asthma but aren’t exactly sure of what the symptoms are. Here are 3 top signs that your child may be suffering from asthma and need to see an asthma doctor:

Coughing At Night

Asthma involves the tightening of the bronchial tubes, which then causes restrictions of air flow into the lungs. This can be caused by allergens within the child’s bedroom, for example dust mites, that may be irritating the airways. Another reason why many children with asthma cough at night is simply due to gravity. Lying down puts extra pressure on the chest which can compress the airways ever so slightly.


This scary symptom can sometimes sound like a whistle when your child exhales. Wheezing is caused by the restriction of the small airways which make it harder for air to move through. Wheezing will be an audible sound, even if it is soft, and will not sound like normal breathing.

Shortness of Breath

It is common for kids to run around and then be out of breath. However, if you notice that your child is having an especially hard time breathing then it is time to see an asthma doctor. Another sign may be that your child tends to get tired after a shorter amount of time playing or doesn’t play as long as they usually do. This is an excellent indicator that there may be an issue with the airway.

Asthma is a serious condition that should be addressed immediately. It is common for children to be diagnosed with asthma, especially if they show signs at a younger age. Contact your local National Allergy and ENT office today to make an appointment with an asthma doctor that can help your child get back to breathing normal.