Food allergies can be scary and being unsure as to whether something is a food allergy can be daunting. It is not always necessary to cut out the food in question. Instead, conducting an oral food challenge can help answer questions. This process will help rule out the food in question, and determine if this food is causing the reactions.

An oral food challenge is a medical procedure used to diagnose or rule out a true food allergy. During this process food is eaten in small amounts, gradually increasing the amount each round. This is done under medical supervision, for example in one of our 4 offices here at National Allergy & ENT.

When an allergist is deciding whether to conduct an oral food challenge, they will investigate intensive medical history, skin testing, and blood work. When the prior come back inconclusive is when this process will come into play. It is important to know which food is causing issues, what symptoms are occurring when the food is ingested, and how long after ingestion do the symptoms occur.

Preparation & Procedure

When preparing for an oral food challenge, it is important to stop using antihistamines and to be in good health. This is done so symptoms appear during the process, and to be certain symptoms are from the food allergy.

The challenge is always performed in an allergist’s office. An allergic reaction can occur but an allergist can treat the symptoms with medications and will stop the process after the reaction. Whether a reaction occurs or not will determine whether the patient has a food allergy, and whether the food will need to be kept out of the diet.

Here at National Allergy & ENT, all of our allergists perform oral food challenges. For more information, call us at (843) 797-8162, or contact us.

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