It is common knowledge that nut allergies are pretty common when it comes to kids. Schools are trying to fight the problem by banning peanut butter during lunch and allowing only purchased packaged treats instead of homemade ones in the classroom. If your child suffers from a nut allergy, here are 3 things that you need to know:

Not All Nuts Are Created Equal

Before you child has a nut allergy you may have thought that all nuts were the same. It turns out that peanuts are in their own special category of nuts in that they aren’t actually a nut but a legume. Peanuts are also commonly referred to as a ground nut as they grow on a bush in the ground. Other nuts that kids can be allergic to are tree nuts that are grown on trees.

One Allergy Can Lead To Many

It is very common that a child that develops an allergy to one tree nut will probably have an allergy to more tree nuts. This is why many allergy doctors tell children to avoid all kinds of tree nuts until extensive testing can be done. However, if your child has a peanut allergy they may not be allergic to tree nuts, and vice versa.

Is There A Cure?

Most food allergies will be outgrown as the child ages but nut allergies are usually not one of them. There have been recent studies where patients are asked to build up a tolerance of their allergen but this is something that should be talked about with an allergy doctor. The safest way to protect your child is to learn how to cope without nuts to avoid a life threatening reaction.

Nut allergies and kids are serious business. Schools have become strict in their allowance of nut products because the reactions can be so violent in children. To learn more about nut allergies and your child, contact your local National Allergy and ENT allergy doctor.