In the new year, many people strive to take better care of their bodies. This may include seeing a specialist about those symptoms that do not seem to go away. If you are planning on visiting an ENT during 2021, there are some questions you may want to make sure you ask them.


What possible diagnoses would explain my symptoms?

When visiting with any specialist, it is crucial to elaborate on all symptoms you are experiencing. There could be multiple diagnoses that align closely with your description, so the more information the more certain a diagnosis can be.

What measures can be taken at home to relieve sinus pain?

If you are seeing an ENT because of sinus issues (i.e. sinusitis), this is an important question to ask. An ENT can give you tips and tricks to help you with sinus pain as well as a treatment plan that works best for you.

Will I have to make any lifestyle changes during treatment?

Depending on the condition your ENT has diagnosed you with, changes in your lifestyle might be necessary. Ask your ENT this question so that you can do your best to stay healthy.

What is the long-term prognosis for this condition?

It is important to understand the timeline for which you will be dealing with your condition. Are you suffering from a week’s long ailment or is your condition chronic? Understanding the length of time will help you treat the condition accordingly.

Could the condition affect my health in other ways?

This question is important to ask your ENT when discussing your ailment. Understanding how your condition might affect your body and health will keep you from worrying down the road about surprise changes in health.


An ENT specialist will be able to assist you and answer all the question you might have about ear, nose, and throat related ailments. National Allergy & ENT has an ENT specialist who can assist you with all your questions and conditions. To schedule an appointment please call (843) 576-3302 or schedule an appointment online.