Dealing with contact dermatitis can be a daily struggle for most people. It can be extremely difficult to control when you do not recognize it. Recognizing when a rash is contact dermatitis is important for finding effective ways to decrease your symptoms.

What Is It?

Contact Dermatitis occurs when the skin comes in direct contact with a substance. It is not necessarily caused by an allergic reaction, but instead the substance might simply be an irritant (causing Irritant Contact Dermatitis). The skin also may be broken for different reasons (burns or excessive rubbing). The symptoms can be caused by an allergic reaction as well (causing Allergic Contact Dermatitis). Once exposed to an irritant or allergic substance, this skin reaction can cause multiple symptoms. These symptoms include itchiness, blisters and/or draining fluid, red rash, and even painful or burning skin.


If experiencing these symptoms, it is important to note what the skin was in contact with that may have caused the reaction. Did you change the brand of soap you use? Maybe you tried a new kind of laundry detergent or cosmetic brand? Does your symptoms only occur after wearing a specific type of jewelry? If so, it is likely that you are experiencing contact dermatitis. For example, a rubber allergy may cause you to have symptoms on your hands. An allergist/immunologist, like our Board Certified allergists/immunologists here at National Allergy & ENT, will be able to perform patch testing. Patch testing will be able to verify that the believed substance is causing the contact dermatitis. Once the substance in question is the verified cause, a treatment plan can be created. An important aspect of a treatment plan is avoidance of the substance.

It is not necessary to suffer with an itchy rash, or blisters. If you need help controlling your contact dermatitis then give us a call at (843) 797-8162, or schedule an appointment online.