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At National Allergy and ENT, we understand how hearing loss can affect a person’s day to day life. Hearing loss effects your interaction with others, your ability to work, the enjoyment of gathering with friends and family, and so much more. We take this very seriously and are here to help.

An ENT doctor specializes in the ears, nose, and throat, and helps with symptoms which include hearing loss.

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At leading Charleston ENTNational Allergy and ENT, our experienced ENT specialist- Dr. Joseph Russell and his team are here to help. Dr. Russell is available to assess your medical issues and develop a strategic plan to provide clear improvement. An interactive consultation regarding your medical history will help guide our team. Possible next steps may include a hearing test. Hearing test are painless and non-invasive.



There are several treatment plans that may be developed to best serve your specific needs. Treatment plans may include hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and surgery if appropriate. Dr. Russell and our team will work with you closely to develop the best treatment plan appropriate to produce the best results. Dr. Russell is well received by his patients and has developed a great response from the community.

Here are a few reviews directly from his patients:

“Dr. Russell and his staff are absolutely amazing. They are professional, caring, and empathetic. I started coming here in October 2018 and haven’t had a bad visit. From check in to check out everyone is pleasant, and it seems they really enjoy what they do. During my surgery Jamie, Kathy and Taylor held mt hands and assured me that all was well. I couldn’t have hand picked a better staff. Dr. Russell is just great, and his smile lights up the room. Thank you, Dr. Russell and staff, for all you do. I would recommend this office/staff for any ENT needs.”

“My daughter recently had surgery to have her adenoids and tonsils removed. We were made aware of all side effects of the surgery. Dr Russell was great from beginning to the end and so was his staff. Immediately after the surgery there was a significant change in my daughters sleep and breathing habits. If I had to do it again, I would definitely choose NAENT!”

“I’m extremely pleased with the professionalism of this office. The staff is great and the doctors even better. They really listen, as opposed to another popular Charleston ENT office I visited in Mount Pleasant. I met with two different doctors and ended up having a procedure in the North Charleston office, and I feel like a new person. Dr. Russell did the procedure. He is very thorough, and put me completely at ease, explaining everything to me. I did my research before agreeing to this procedure, he’s an excellent doctor. My problems are gone! After feeling terrible for years, I feel fabulous. I highly recommend National Allergy and ENT, and especially Dr. Russell.”

If you would like to schedule an appointment with our Charleston ENT doctor to see how he can help you, feel free to contact our receptionist about the best time and location for your office visit- Dr. Russell consults patients in our West Ashley, Mount Pleasant, and North Charleston location.


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