ENT in Charleston | Sinus Procedures Performed by an ENT in Charleston

ENT in Charleston | If you are looking for an ENT in Charleston, it is a good idea to know what procedures they can perform. All of the procedures performed by an ENT deal with the ears, nose and throat. Here are a few sinus procedures that an ENT regularly performs.


The Balloon Sinus Procedure!

The Balloon Sinus Procedure is a surgical procedure used to treat sinusitis. This procedure can be performed while you are sedated (but still awake) and can typically be done in the office. The ENT inserts a thin endoscope into the nose. They then inflate a small balloon that helps to widen nasal pathways that were previously blocked. This procedure does not require the doctor to remove bone or tissue from the drainage pathways.


Inferior Turbinate Reduction

Inferior Turbinate Reduction involves reducing the size of the inferior turbinates. This helps to lessen nasal blockage and allows you to better breath through your nose. This procedure can cause some pain and discomfort directly after the surgery. A couple common turbinate reduction techniques are submucous resection and radiofrequency reduction.



Septoplasty is another common procedure performed by an ENT doctor. Septoplasty is a surgical procedure used to correct a deviated septum. A deviated septum is a displacement of the bone and cartilage between your nostrils. Septoplasty straightens and aligns your nasal septum in the middle of your nose. The extent of surgery depends on the severity of your nasal septum.


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