ENT in Charleston | 2 Sinus Surgeries That Can Help Sinusitis

ENT in Charleston | Sinus pressure is pretty normal for those with seasonal allergies. However, what should you do when your sinuses are continually giving you issues without any relief from medicine? Having sinus pressure and pain can greatly affect your daily life but relief is available. Check out these surgeries that an ENT in Charleston can do for sinuses that need a little bit of extra help to clear up:

Balloon Sinus Procedure

This is an advanced surgical procedure that is primarily used to treat sinusitis in patients. The procedure is done within the office and the patient is comfortably sedated but still awake. A small tube is inserted through the nose and a small balloon is used to open up the sinus passageways. Patients choose this option as it is less invasive than other options and patients experience less bleeding. The balloon sinus procedure also requires less recovery time. This is a great new technique that helps patients without having to remove bone or tissue like other sinus surgeries.

Inferior Turbinate Reduction

This surgery consists of making a small incision in the interior turbinates that are located on either side of the nose. These areas help to warm air that you breathe in but can become enlarged in those patients that have continuous sinus infections or allergies. The inferior turbinates are reduced during this surgery to help those with sinus issues or those patients who have trouble breathing through their nose. This surgery is usually combined with other sinus surgeries but can be a standalone procedure depending on what your ENT in Charleston decides.

Dealing with constant sinus pressure and pain can greatly affect your overall wellbeing. Your local ENT in Charleston can help you explore ways that you can be treated with surgery depending on your personal medical history. Consider the Balloon Sinus Procedure that is great for those who are nervous about surgery. The Inferior Turbinate Reduction can also greatly help those patients who experience constant sinus infections. Contact an ENT in Charleston at your nearby National Allergy and ENT office.