ENT in Charleston | Best Options to Store Inhalers While Running

ENT in Charleston | You may be surprised at how many runners suffer from asthma who are regular patients of Charleston ENT & Allergy specialists. An asthma diagnosis should never hinder you from participating in an exercise that you enjoy as long as you have the right prescription available in case of an emergency. Check out these ways that you can carry your inhaler while running in order to keep your life-saving medicine nearby at all times:


An inhaler pouch can be found online or even made directly by Etsy sellers. The pouch usually has a Velcro closure and is large enough to hold one inhaler. The pouch can be clipped or looped through a belt in order to keep it secure while running. This is a great option for those runners who want something small and not bulky to carry their inhaler.

Running Belt

For those runners who have a bit more to carry like keys, money, and inhalers a running belt is a good option. A variety of shapes, sizes, and colors are available as well as convenient straps that clip around the waist. Many Charleston ENT & Allergy doctors recommend running belts as they are more secure and move around less as they are strapped to the body.

Arm Bands

For those runners who don’t want to have something around their waist, an armband is a great option to keep things out of the way. A small armband with multiple pockets can hold an inhaler as well as a cell phone. Armbands can be worn on the upper or lower parts of the arm and are a good option for many runners.

Asthma patients can still enjoy the many benefits of running despite the need for an inhaler. Consider using one of these carriers on your next run to make sure that your medicine is always available. If you notice any changes in your breathing make to call the Charleston ENT & Allergy specialists at the National Allergy and ENT office in town.