ENT in Charleston | How Creams and Eye Drops Can Relieve Allergies

ENT in Charleston | Seasonal allergies are a common problem for many people in the Charleston area. Itchy eyes and skin issues can quickly ruin your day. Consider these top tips from local Charleston ENT and Allergy doctors in how to beat these common allergy issues:

Eye Drops

Your eyes are a very sensitive part of your body and having a chronic case of itchy eyes can easily affect every part of your day. Itchy eyes are commonly caused by allergies from different things that come in contact with your eyes. Over the counter eye drops are commonly used in order to relieve red or itchy eyes. Many eye drops include decongestants or antihistamines that help reduce the pain. Your Charleston ENT or Allergy doctor may also prescribe a more potent eye drop for those who need extra help or have itchy eyes due to a bacterial infection.


Your skin is the largest organ of your body and comes in contact with many different substances all day long. There may be times when you come into contact with something that your body will deem as an attack. Over the counter creams are good options to treat itching skin areas and can contain helpful ingredients like menthol, Benadryl, or benzocaine. Natural options, like aloe, can also help to diminish skin itching and control inflammation. If symptoms persist, a more powerful cream can be prescribed by your local Charleston ENT and allergy doctor in order to bring relief.

Itching eyes and skin can not only cause inflammation and redness but they can also cause embarrassment when noticed by others. Consider purchasing over the counter relief options like eye drops and creams in order to treat itchiness. If problems persist, consider calling the National Allergy and ENT specialists in the Charleston area for long term relief options.