ENT in Charleston | Does My Child Need Ear Tubes?

ENT in Charleston | If you have a child who is constantly getting ear infections your local ENT in Charleston may have mentioned the possibility of getting tubes put into your child’s ears. This can be a scary proposition for parents as it requires surgery. However, there are many positive aspects about putting tubes in your child’s ears.

Less Ear Infections

Children who are between 6 months to 2 years old are the largest group of people who get tubes placed in their ears. While ear infections are fairly common in young children, your local ENT in Charleston may recommend this if your child is having multiple ear infections a year. The tubes allow the middle part of the ear to drain which can lead to fewer ear infections.

Limited Hearing

All kids learn how to ignore the requests of parents but young children who seem to have trouble hearing you, even when they want to, may have fluid in their inner ear. Test your child’s hearing by talking at different volumes or around a corner where they can’t see your mouth moving. Ask your pediatrician about milestones and be honest about your concerns. A child that has fluid in their inner ear will hear muted sounds like you do when underwater.

Better Speech

Some children receive tubes in their ears because they are delayed in their speech development. This can be directly related to the limited hearing that a child experiences with fluid in their ears. A child who can’t hear every syllable, especially while trying to learn a language at an early age, will have trouble mimicking those sounds when trying to talk. If you notice that your child isn’t speaking clearly you may consider getting them checked for fluid in their ears.

Overall the benefits of getting tubes in the ears far outweigh the surgery involved to place them. Surgery is needed so that the surgeon can place the tubes correctly without the chance of the child moving. It can be scary for parents but ridding your child of fluid in their ear will help them hear better, talk better, and result in less ear infections. If your child suffers from any of these conditions consider making an appointment with an ENT in Charleston at the local National Allergy and ENT office today.