ENT in Charleston | Causes For Chronic Dizziness

ENT in Charleston | Everyone experiences dizziness or being light headed from time to time. Sometimes its cause may be as simple as being hungry, lack of sleep or just coming off a roller coaster. These symptoms can usually be easily remedied and you can feel normal with a little time. Being dizzy is not a disorder all by itself. Dizziness and especially chronic dizziness is normally a symptom of a larger condition. If dizziness occurs frequently and you are not always able to pinpoint the cause then it is time to seek the help of an ENT doctor.


Chronic Dizziness can be very serious. Here are some of the causes for chronic dizziness that an ENT doctor can often diagnose



Hypotension occurs when you have a sudden drop in blood pressure levels. When this happens you often feel very dizzy and possibly disoriented. Often hypotension happens when you change positions quickly, such as standing up too quickly. Frequent occurrences of hypotension can worry some and you should seek out an ENT doctor for further diagnosis.



Hypoglycemia is a condition when your blood sugar level decreases drastically, often below 70mg/dL. This can occasionally occur when you are working too hard and do not have time to stop and eat. However, if this type of dizziness occurs more frequently you should seek out an ENT doctor. It is possible that you could have or be developing a form of diabetes.



Pregnancy is another time period when you can experience times of dizziness. Changes in hormones can often be the cause. While this is often a common experience, it is always best to seek out a doctor throughout a pregnancy.


Heart Attack

A heart attack is a prime example of experiencing severe dizziness. During a heart attack, the brain is not receiving enough oxygen through the blood. If a heart attack is suspected, immediate medical care needs to be sought.


Overall, there are many reasons that a person experiences dizziness. If it is just an occasional occurrence, time and rest may be the best remedy. However, if dizziness persists and becomes more chronic you should seek out a professional ENT to help you find the cause. A great source of ENT doctors can be found at National Allergy & ENT. Contact them today for a consultation.