ENT Doctors West Ashley | What You Should Know About Deviated Septum Surgery

ENT Doctors West Ashley | A deviated septum is a pretty common occurrence in most people. In fact, up to 80% of people are estimated to have a deviated septum, and a lot of them are undiagnosed because the deviation is minimal. However, for the people who have a deviated septum that is way off-center, surgery may need to be performed by an ENT doctor in West Ashley. 

What is Deviated Septum Surgery?

Surgery for a deviated septum is called septoplasty and needs to be performed by an ENT doctor. The procedure is minimally invasive, and most ENT doctors in West Ashley perform the procedure outpatient. The surgery involves straightening the septum or removing excess pieces of bone from one side of the nose to make breathing even again. This is done using fine instruments and the doctor working inside of the nostrils. No scars will be leftover on your face or where anyone could see them. 

Will I Get Anesthesia? 

You will get some type of anesthesia from your ENT doctor in West Ashley and most likely be put to sleep since the procedure takes an hour and a half. However, you may also be given a pain block that does not put you to sleep and could be awake during the procedure. Make sure to talk to your ENT doctor about your options for anesthesia during the procedure. 

Recovery Period

During your surgery, your ENT doctor in West Ashley may decide you need nasal packing and may put a material similar to gauze inside the nasal cavity for blood absorption. This will be removed at your follow up appointment. You’ll need to avoid heavy work and lifting, keep your head raised during sleeping or laying down, and not be able to blow your nose for a few weeks. You will most likely be given a prescription for pain management. 

If you think you may be a candidate for deviated septum surgery, call our West Ashley offices at 843-573-9373 or book an appointment with National Allergy and ENT online.