ENT Doctors | Ailments Treated By An ENT Doctor

Depending on your past medical experience or knowledge you may not have previously needed the services of an ENT doctors. ENT stands for ear, nose and throat, which are the primary areas covered by this specialty doctor. Typically, you will see your primary care physician and if they feel your problems require more expertise they will refer you to an ENT doctor. Here are some of the ailments that are typically treated by an ENT doctor.


One common problem that people suffer from are allergies. If your allergies cause you to have breathing problems or chronic coughing you may want to seek out an ENT doctor. An ENT doctor can run a series of test to help isolate the allergy and determine what will be the best course of action to help alleviate the symptoms.

Balance Disorders

Balance is controlled by the inner ear, so it would only be natural that a doctor specializing in ears would be able to help with balance disorders. The ENT doctor can determine the cause of any dizziness and help come up with a solution to help.

Sinus Problems

ENT doctors also help patients with sinus problems. Some conditions include chronic sinusitis and deviated septum. Many sinus problems are often related and the symptoms overlap with other disorders.

Sleep Disorders

Another common ailment treated by ENT doctors are sleep disorders such as Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea involves a tightened airway that causes the patient to stop breathing while asleep. It can lead to fatigue, heart conditions and even death. An ENT doctor can initiate a sleep study to determine your level of Sleep Apnea.

ENT doctors are very important specialists that can help diagnose and treat symptoms related to the ear, nose and throat. If you are looking for a quality ENT doctor in the Charleston area you should contact National Allergy & ENT. Their team of professionals will help you with diagnose all the way through treatment.