Everyone has experienced a nosebleed at one time in their life, and while the sudden blood loss may be a little scary, nosebleeds are generally no big deal. Some people suffer from excessive or frequent nosebleeds, which can be indicators of other issues, and nosebleeds from large blood vessels can sometimes be dangerous. If you’re having nosebleeds that last longer than 20 minutes or nosebleeds that are frequently happening, you should see the ENT doctor West Ashley residents trust at National Allergy and ENT. 

What Causes Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds can be caused by many different things, including trauma, blood clotting disorders, nasal tumors, dryness in the air, leukemia, high blood pressure, colds, atherosclerosis, and picking your nose. As you can see, the range of seriousness is quite broad; however, the most common reason for nosebleeds is simply the air being too dry. 

The ENT Doctor in West Ashley patients rely on will diagnose your nosebleeds and determine the best treatment plan for you; however, in some cases, the cause of nosebleeds cannot be determined. 

How Are Nosebleeds Treated?

For the most part, nosebleeds can be treated at home by sitting down and leaning forward slightly to allow the blood to drain out of your nose. Do not tilt your head backward—you don’t want to swallow the blood. Squeeze your nose’s soft spot between your nostrils and the bridge of your nose for five minutes. If the bleeding has not stopped after five minutes, kee holding for another five to ten minutes. 

You’ll need to see an ENT doctor West Ashley residents recommend if:

  • Bleeding persists longer than 20 minutes
  • An injury or trauma to the face occurred
  • Your nosebleeds are often happening. 

One of the most common treatments to relieve excessive nosebleeds is cauterization. Your ENT doctor will use silver nitrate and a heating device to burn the blood vessels that are bleeding, which will stop the nosebleeds. Some doctors will want to pack your nose with gauze or a tiny balloon to put pressure on the blood vessel to make the bleeding stop. 

If you’re tired of living with frequent nosebleeds in West Ashley, contact National Allergy and ENT at 843-573-9373.