ENT Doctor West Ashley | How an ENT Doctor Can Help Your Hearing

ENT Doctor West Ashley | Have you been turning the television or radio up more often? Do you find yourself missing parts of conversations or having to ask people to repeat themselves? If you are worried about hearing loss, you’re probably thinking of making an appointment with an audiologist, but there are a few ways that an ENT doctor can help with hearing loss also.

1. Wax Removal- Some people naturally produce more ear wax than others. When ear wax builds up it can cause hearing loss, dizziness, ear pain, and tinnitus. An ENT doctor can remove the ear wax buildup from your ear then an audiologist can test your hearing.

2. Diagnose Illness- Your hearing loss may be a result of being ill or having an ear infection. An ENT doctor in West Ashley can help diagnose ear illnesses and get you the right medications to clear up an infection and start hearing again. Pain, active drainage, sudden or rapid hearing loss, or puss can all be signs of a severe infection. Some patients with chronic ear infections, usually children, may need tubes placed in their ear canals.

3. Prescribing Hearing Aids- Your ENT doctor in West Ashley can prescribe hearing aids if medical intervention does not help with hearing loss. Sometimes a hearing aid is the only option to make hearing loss better. There are many different types of hearing aids available, depending on the type of loss and severity.

Your ENT Doctor will probably work in conjunction with an audiologist to determine the best course of treatment for your hearing loss, but not always. ENT doctors can give you expert advice on the next steps you need to take to combat your hearing loss, no matter how significant or how rapidly progressing the loss may be.

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