ENT Doctor in West Ashley | Different Style of Hearing Aids

ENT Doctor in West Ashley | The hearing aids available today are much more advanced and comfortable than hearing aids you may remember your parents or grandparents needing. There are six styles of hearing aids that are most common, and you may be surprised at how innovative the newest styles have become. Most hearing aids today offer near invisibility, crystal clear sound, directionality, and wireless connectivity, but there are differences between how they work and where they are placed. 

In-The-Canal- This type of hearing aid fits inside the ear canal, making it the most discreet option for ENT doctor in West Ashley patients. In-the-canal hearing aids can be easily worn with hats, sunglasses, and helmets. These aids are also molded to fit your unique ear shape. 

In-the-Ear- This hearing aid goes into the ear canal but sits mostly in the external part of the ear. The in-the-ear style is the easiest to wear and remove and can be customized for size and color, as well as customizable switches. 

Behind-the-Ear- Hearing aids that fit behind the ear have the microphone and speaker hidden within a shell that sits over the ear and has tubing that goes into the ear canal. These styles are easily adjustable and have single switches to control the sound volume. There may be an additional piece that helps the hearing aid stay behind the ear. 

Invisible-in-the-Canal- These hearing aids are almost invisible and offer great clarity. Invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids sit deeply into the canal and makes it less susceptible to wind and environmental sound interference. These hearing aid styles don’t need any adjustment because they are self-contained. 

Completely-in-the-Canal- This hearing aid style is between the invisible-in-the-canal and the in-the-canal style. They sit in the ear canal but not as deep and have external parts for control of volume and settings. Completely-in-the-canal styles are Bluetooth compatible, which is very convenient for people of all ages. 

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