ENT Doctor in West Ashley | Common Vocal Cord Injuries 


ENT Doctor in West Ashley | Many people take the ability to speak for granted, not realizing how hard it is to live without a voice until they experience a vocal cord injury. More than 7 million people suffer speaking problems or vocal cord injuries, and ENT doctors specialize in helping to cure voice problems. An ENT doctor in West Ashley can treat vocal cord injuries at National Allergy & ENT and get you speaking and using your voice again fast. There are three common vocal cord injuries you should know:


Laryngitis is what people commonly refer to as losing their voice and is a virus that causes inflammation, irritation, and swelling in your voice box. Some people lose their voices completely, while others may have severe hoarseness. Laryngitis is usually treated with vocal rest and drinking lots of fluids to prevent your throat from drying out. When you start getting laryngitis frequently, you should consult an ENT doctor to discover the cause of your laryngitis so that issue can also be treated. Some causes include drinking or smoking too often, heartburn, or in severe cases a tumor or growth. 


Polyps are small growths that result from overusing vocal cords or prolonged exposure to allergens and irritants. Singers and people who speak for a living have higher risks of vocal cord polyps. Treatment includes vocal rest, phono-microsurgery, vocal therapy, and speech therapy. 

Vocal Cord Paralysis 

When the nerve to the vocal cord is injured, vocal cord paralysis can occur. The symptoms are typically moderate or severe hoarseness, but problems with breathing or swallowing can also occur. A damaged vocal cord that results in paralysis is usually caused by a virus, trauma to the neck or neurological disease. Vocal cord injuries can also happen during neck surgery. An ENT Doctor in West Ashley will prescribe vocal rest and sometimes voice therapy for treatment. 

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