Hearing loss is the most common birth defect, affecting two to four children out of every 1,000 in the United States. Hearing is a vital component to the development of language, speech, psycho-social, and cognitive development. When hearing loss can be diagnosed within the first few months of life, treatment can be very successful in many patients; however, 25 percent of all children born with hearing loss are not diagnosed until they are 14 months old, this is why early hearing screenings from an ENT Doctor West Ashley residents trust is so important. 

When Should You Get A Child Hearing Screening Done?

The best time to get a childhood hearing screening is in the hospital when the baby is born. If for some reason, an infant hearing test is not completed in the hospital, you should request one from your pediatrician. If the test indicates possible hearing loss, your baby may be referred to an ENT doctor West Ashley pediatricians trust. 

Is Early Childhood Hearing Loss Screening Mandatory for School?

First Sound is a program operated by the state of South Carolina to detect early hearing loss. First Sound works with hospitals in the state that birth an average of 100 or more babies annually. These infants all receive hearing screenings, and those that do not pass will be referred for more testing with an audiologist or ENT doctor West Ashley parents can trust. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics endorses haring screenings before three months of age, and intervention started no later than six months old to achieve the optimal results through hearing loss treatment. The screenings are done by waiting until the baby is restful or asleep and then playing tones or clicks through headphones. The doctors will measure the responses of the infant to determine whether there are signs of hearing loss. 

If you believe you might be experiencing hearing loss, contact the ENT doctors in West Ashley at National Allergy and ENT.