ENT Doctor West Ashley | Best Sore Throat Remedies

ENT Doctor West Ashley | Having a sore throat can be a real pain. Scratchy throat, harsh cough, a lump in the back of your throat, can all make talking hard and the day difficult to get through. Many things can cause a sore throat and figuring out what is making yours hurt is the first step to getting relief. Dry air, smoking, acid reflux, and illnesses and infections can all lead to sore throats according to your ENT doctor in West Ashley although viral infections and other illnesses usually come with multiple symptoms such as congestion, fatigue, muscle aches, nausea, and more. Try these recommended at-home remedies for a sore throat, and if these don’t give you any relief, call your ENT doctor in West Ashley to make an appointment. 

  1. Sip warm tea with honey 
  2. Gargle with saltwater
  3. Use throat lozenges or cough drops
  4. Drink extra cold liquids
  5. Use a humidifier in your bedroom
  6. Avoid acidic or spicy foods
  7. Take antacids
  8. Tea with turmeric 
  9. Take pain relievers 
  10. Take decongestants 

There are probably many other home remedies that you’ve heard of to alleviate a sore throat, but when a sore throat is severe, prolonged, or recurring, you need to call an ENT doctor in West Ashely to find out if there is a reason for your chronic sore throats.

If your sore throat is accompanied by difficulty breathing, swallowing, or being able to open your mouth, you should visit your local emergency room or call 911. Make sure to let your ENT doctor in West Ashley know if you are also experiencing joint pain, earaches, white patches on your throat or mouth, blood in your saliva, or have felt any lumps in your neck. 

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