ENT Doctor | Understanding Laryngitis

ENT Doctor | Laryngitis is an often debilitating condition that affects the vocal cords. It leads to inflammation of the throat tissue and often causes the affected person to lose their voice for an extended period of time. Typically with proper treatment it will go away without lasting damage but some people suffer from chronic laryngitis, which can permanently damage the vocal cords. This can in-turn change a persons voice tone and sound. For chronic laryngitis you should seek out an ENT doctor.


Laryngitis occurs because of an inflammation of the voice box or larynx. This is where the vocal cords reside. One cause of laryngitis can be overexerting or overusing the voice. This is why coaches or professional singers often develop various degrees of laryngitis.

Along with overuse, laryngitis can also be developed by certain viral or bacterial infections. Some contributing conditions include sinusitis and acid reflux.

Smoking can also be a common cause of laryngitis. The chemicals and allergens found in cigarettes can irritate the throat and in turn cause laryngitis.


Laryngitis can be identified by a number of symptoms. Some of these include a hard time breathing, difficulty swallowing, unable to speak, drooling and high fever. The person may also experience pain in the throat and a dry cough. Children with laryngitis also typically experience swollen lymph nodes and a runny nose.


Treatment of laryngitis normally consists of resting the voice so that the inflammation has time to heal itself. Humidifiers and steam baths can also help the process by keeping the area moist. If the condition persists you may need to seek out an ENT doctor for further diagnosis. The ENT doctor can prescribe the correct dose of antibiotics to help fight the infection.

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