ENT Doctor | Signs Your Child Should See an ENT Doctor


ENT Doctor | Illnesses involving ears, nose, and throat (ENT) are the top causes of kids visiting their pediatricians, and nearly every child gets an ear infection at least once. Chronic ear infections send kids to the doctor up to 30 million times each year. When children begin to have many ear infections or chronic ENT problems, a referral to an ENT doctor is common. There are several signs that you should ask your pediatrician about a referral to an ENT doctor.


  1. Your Child is Snoring- Snoring when a child is sick with a stuffed-up nose or respiratory infection is normal, but persistent snoring is unusual for children and could be a sign of a nasal problem or blockage, or a serious issue like sleep apnea.


  1. Persistent Cold- Kids get sick, especially once they are in school. In fact, it is considered normal for a school-aged child to get a cold every three to four weeks. When cold symptoms become persistent, lasting longer than a week, this can be a sign that you need to visit a specialist.


  1. Chronic Ear Infections- When a child gets more than three ear infections in six months, it is considered a chronic ear infection case and your child should see an ENT doctor to determine if tubes are needed. This procedure is an easy, and quick way of keeping your child’s ears open for proper drainage to avoid ear infections.


  1. Chronic Sore Throats- If your child has frequent sore throats with no other symptoms or common cold symptoms, they may have tonsillitis and need to have their tonsils removed. Other signs of tonsillitis include inflamed throat, swollen glands, and scratchy throat.


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