How Your ENT Doctor in West Ashley Can Help Improve Your Hearing

If you’ve found yourself suffering from unexpected or unexplained hearing loss, you might be nervous about the possibility of needing hearing aids. While there is nothing to be ashamed of when patients do require hearing aids, an ENT doctor in West Ashley may have other solutions to help restore your hearing. Here are some of the best ways to restore hearing without the use of hearing aids:

  1. Wax Removal- Sometimes hearing loss, dizziness, pain, or ringing in your ears is just a case of too much ear wax. An Ent doctor in West Ashley can remove ear wax safely and then test your hearing afterward to ensure there are no other issues with your hearing.
  2. Finding Underlying Diseases- When you’re suffering from tinnitus an ENT doctor in West Ashley can complete an audiological exam and determine any underlying problems or diseases you may have causing your hearing issues. Some of these causes could be blood pressure issues, noise exposure, allergies, and even stress or frequent ear infections.
  3. Noise Amplifiers- If your hearing is starting to wane but you aren’t quite ready to commit to hearing aids, your ENT doctor in West Ashley might suggest an amplified telephone, TV listening devices, public assisted hearing devices in places such as churches, theaters, and auditoriums. The ENT doctor can also help with other communication strategies to ensure you hear as many words as possible when people are talking to you.
  4. Surgery- When hearing loss is caused by tissue or bone abnormalities, repeated infections, and other issues, surgery can be a great solution that will reverse hearing loss. Getting tubes in their ears is one of the common surgical procedures for children.
  5. Cochlear Implant- Severe forms of hearing loss that causes deafness can be treated with a cochlear implant that directly stimulates the nerves that control hearing, bypassing the damaged parts of the inner ear.

Your ENT doctor in West Ashley can discuss your hearing loss with you in person and determine the best treatment plan going forward. Don’t be afraid to bring up these alternatives to hearing aids during your appointment.

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