ENT Doctor in Charleston | Reasons To Seek An ENT Doctor

ENT Doctor in Charleston | Feeling ill or experiencing abnormal health can truly affect your everyday life. Not only can it cause you to miss work but you can miss out on special moments with your family. If you are just sick occasionally or area dealing with a minor issue you would probably schedule an appointment with your family doctor. However, there are certain instances when you may need a more specialized doctor to diagnose your problems. If you are experiencing certain issues to the ear, nose or throat you may consider an ENT doctor. An ENT doctor specializes in only the ear, nose and throat and typically handle more extreme issues than a family doctor. Here are some common reasons you may seek out the expertise of an ENT doctor.

Recurrent Sore Throats

Sore throats or tonsillitis are a problem that people deal with from childhood through adulthood. Repeated sore throats could just be an indication that you need your tonsils removed. However, if you also have trouble breathing, develop persistent fevers or struggle swallowing saliva you could be experiencing something more serious and need to seek an ENT doctor.

Hearing Loss

It is true that gradual hearing loss is common and can just be a part of aging but if it occurs quicker than it may be cause to see an ENT doctor. Some reasons for sudden hearing loss include: infection, circulatory problems or possible neurological issues.

Consistent Ear Infections

Ear infections are one of the most common issues, especially for children. Many times they are seasonal and can be treated accordingly. If they occur often though, it may be time to seek out an ENT doctor. Consistent pain and ongoing ear infections could be a sign of a tumor.

If you find yourself with one of these conditions you should seek out an ENT doctor to help you find out what is ailing you. A great option for ENT care is National Allergy & ENT. Their professionals can help diagnose your issue and work to get you back on track.