ENT Doctor | What You Need to Know About Fungal Sinusitis 


ENT Doctor | Most people have no idea that they are being exposed to hundreds of different fungal species every time they breathe. The fungus lives in the soil, trees, on our skin, and inside our homes, and most of the time, we don’t even see it. Most species of fungi aren’t dangerous to humans, but out of the millions of fungal species out there, around 300 of them can make you ill. 

Fungal sinusitis is caused when the fungus enters the sinus cavity and causes a sinus infection. This infection can resolve on its own, but in certain cases, severe complications can arise, including going blind or even dying. There are a few things that an allergy and ENT doctor will want you to understand about fungal sinusitis. 

Invasive vs. Non-Invasive

The most common type of fungal sinusitis that an allergy and ENT doctor will treat is noninvasive, which is limited to the sinus cavities. Invasive fungal sinusitis happens when the fungal infection spreads to surrounding tissues. Invasive fungal sinusitis can cause severe complications and needs immediate treatment from an allergy and ENT doctor. 

4 Types of Fungal Sinusitis

There are four types of fungal sinusitis that an allergy and ENT doctor treats. 

Mycetoma creates a ball of fungus in the sinus cavity. 

Allergic fungal sinusitis is common in the Southern US and is an allergic reaction to the environmental fungus. 

Chronis Indolent sinusitis is usually only found in Northern India and Sudan and is invasive. 

Fulminant Sinusitis progressively destroys the sinus and is extremely invasive. This type of fungal sinusitis happens in people with immune system illnesses and can cause blindness and death. 

Treatment for Fungal Sinusitis 

Minimally invasive surgery is sometimes necessary to treat fungal sinusitis. This surgery is called endoscopic sinus surgery and is performed by an allergy and ENT doctor. 

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