While celebrating Cinco de Mayo usually involves eating out at a Mexican restaurant, those with food allergies must be cautious. It is important for those with food allergies to be vigilant of what they consume. Dining out can be difficult for those with food allergies, however there are steps you can follow to make sure you or your loved one is safe from the dangers of accidental ingestion of an allergen.


When planning to dine out for Cinco de Mayo or any occasion, doing research ahead of time will pay off. See if you can find the restaurant’s menu online to better understand what you can order. You can also call beforehand to ask about their protocols in regards to food allergy. If a restaurant does not provide you with information, consider eating somewhere else. Food allergies can be severe and life-threatening. A restaurant that is not willing to work with you to provide a safe experience is not worth the risk.


The most important step when you are in the restaurant is to communicate. Inform your server of all existing allergies. A server who is unaware of an existing allergy cannot provide you with a safe and pleasant experience. Servers can also provide you with information on the best meal options for you regarding your allergy. Food allergies have the potential to cause life-threatening symptoms like anaphylaxis. It is important to always carry your emergency medication with you and to make sure those around you understand how to administer the medication.


If you believe you might have a food allergy, or simply need help understanding and treating your food allergy, please see an allergist. An allergist at National Allergy & ENT can provide you with an understanding of your condition, and treatment options that are tailored to your needs. To schedule an appointment please call (8430 797-8162 or schedule an appointment online.