Charleston ENT | Pediatric ENTs: 3 Things You Didn’t Know They Treat


Charleston ENT | Everyone can probably guess that many pediatric ENT doctors see a lot of issues with ear tubes and ear infections. However, did you know that they treat much more than just those main issues? Check out these 3 things that pediatric ENTs treat:


Sometimes kids snore here and there when they are really exhausted. However, if you find that your child is snoring on a regular or daily basis it may be time to go see the ENT doctor. Snoring is a sign that there is something else going on with your child’s airway and can be a serious issue. Sleep apnea is kids is a growing problem and regular snoring in a child is not normal.


Kids fall down all of the time but if you notice that your child struggles with balance it very well could be an inner ear issue. ENT doctors can treat balance issues that involve the inner ear and help children regain their balance. Learning how to balance correctly is an important part of many physical milestones that a young child needs to achieve. Having an issue with balance could greatly hinder a child’s life.

Head and Neck Surgery

ENT doctors are the specialists in their field and your child will be well taken care of if they need head or neck surgery. Pediatric ENTs are known for their ability to work with children while also providing them with excellent care that will help them go on to live a full life. Surgery can be needed for a while range of reasons and ENT doctors are trained for all issues pertaining to this area of the body.

Taking your child to a specialist can be stressful as a parent. However, making sure that you know what pediatric ENT doctors can provide is important in choosing the right care for your child. Contact National Allergy and Associates today for more information.