Charleston ENT | 3 Myths About Balloon Sinuplasty

Charleston ENT | You may have heard about this new sinus surgery that has become very popular with patients. Balloon Sinuplasty is making great strides in providing relief for those who struggle with chronic sinusitis and is available in many markets. As with any new technology, you may have heard some things about the procedure that may or may not be true. Check out these 3 myths about Balloon Sinuplasty:

Myth #1: It Needs to Be Repeated

In many cases, Balloon Sinuplasty only needs to be performed once in order to provide relief to the patient. The majority of patients state that they felt relief immediately after the procedure without the need for any further surgery. It is rare that the procedure would need to be repeated making this a great option for those who have suffered so long with sinus issues.

Myth #2: The Procedure Is Great but The Recovery Is Horrible

The procedure is relatively easy but the recovery time is too! Patients will need to most likely rest for about a day but then can resume normal life with much improvement to their sinuses. The recovery is easy because the surgery doesn’t require any kind of incision or bone removal which can take longer to heal from.

Myth #3: Balloon Sinuplasty Is Right for Everyone

We wish this was true but it simply isn’t the case. Balloon Sinuplasty is available to a wide range of allergy patients but isn’t the right choice for everyone. Consult with your doctor about what kind of sinus surgery would be right for your condition. Some patients will need traditional forms of sinus surgery due to their personal symptoms.

Talk with your doctor at National Allergy and Associates today about the possibility of how a Balloon Sinuplasty could help your sinus symptoms. Always check with your doctor about questions that you have and the myths that you have heard in order to know exactly how this exciting new technology can give you better health.