National Allergy & ENT in Charleston | 3 signs You Need to See an Allergist

National Allergy And ENT in Charleston| Over 24 million Americans experience some sort of allergy symptoms. Between sneezing, running noses and itchy throats it can be hard to tell when your allergies can be handled at home and when you need to see an allergist. Check out these signs that you need to see professional help for an allergy:

Constant Issues

If you find yourself always reaching for a tissue and have seriously considered buying stock in a tissue company, you may need to see an allergist. A constant running nose or sneezing can be a good sign that you have a particular allergy that can be treated with specific medicine. An allergy and ENT doctor can correctly identify what is causing your symptoms and recommend prescription medication that can bring relief.

Certain Foods

For food allergies, you may notice a slight tickle in your throat or a light rash after eating certain kinds of foods. Pay attention to these issues that arise as a food allergy may not be severe at first. Note changes in your body and consider trying to pinpoint certain foods that are causing the issues. Patients who know the main foods that can cause allergic reactions, like nuts or dairy, can be helpful in identifying a possible food allergy.

Shortness of Breath

If you ever experience trouble breathing, a visit to your allergy and ENT doctor is required. Don’t mess around with not being able to breathe and make an appointment to get checked out. Asthma and allergies go hand in hand and many times a shortness of breath is caused by the body’s overreaction to an allergen. Make note of times that you have experienced a shortness of breath and talk to you doctor about it immediately.

Your allergy and ENT specialist has been trained and educated in providing relief when you need it most. If you notice that you are having constant issues with allergy symptoms or ever have unusual symptoms after eating certain foods, you need to see a doctor, while an immediate appointment should be made if you experience trouble breathing. Contact the National Allergy and ENT specialists today for an appointment this week.