Charleston ENT & Allergy | 3 Ways to Store Your Child’s EpiPen

Charleston ENT & Allergy | EpiPens are becoming a staple across homes and in schools as more children develop allergies. Allergy doctors are prescribing them at an alarming rate due to their ability to save lives quickly. Check out these easy ways to store your child’s EpiPen:

Carrying Case

An easily identifiable carrying case is a great option in storing an EpiPen. The cases are usually marked with a medical sign and can hold a few EpiPens plus other medication if needed. They have a zippered closure making them easy to tote around as well as secure. Many come with a hand strap or clip to attach to a backpack easily as well.

Belt Pouch

If your child’s allergy doctor recommended that your child carry their EpiPen on them at all times, an adjustable belt pouch is a good option to keep this important medicine close. The belt pouch fits around a child’s waist and can be easily worn and disclosed underneath shirts. The small zippered pouch allows just enough room for a lifesaving EpiPen.

Insulated Pouch

Single EpiPen pouches, like this one, offer easy accessibility to store inside a bag or purse. These pouches shut easily with Velcro and are foil lined in order to keep the case cooler when in hot environments. EpiPens should be stored in certain temperatures so this case could help keep the medicine from becoming too hot.

Making your child’s EpiPen easy to grab is important in case of an emergency. Consider choosing EpiPen storage that matches your child’s need. Insulated pouches or carrying cases are great to store inside a backpack or purse while a belt pouch that can be constantly worn is a good idea for those children who need to have their EpiPen on their body at all times. If you suspect that your child may have allergies, contact a local allergy doctor at the National Allergy and ENT office nearest you.