Charleston Allergy and ENT | Balloon Sinuplasty: What Is It?


Charleston Allergy and ENT | You may have heard this term from your ENT doctor but are still nervous about the procedure. Balloon Sinuplasty is nothing to be scared of and has proven to relieve pain in many patients. Learn all about balloon sinuplasty below with the following guide:

What Is It?

A balloon sinuplasty (BSP) is a new form of sinus surgery that doesn’t require any cutting or removal of tissue or bone. It is considered to be a better form of sinus surgery in that there isn’t a lot of recovery time or need for stitches. Balloon Sinuplasty opens up blocked sinuses in order to drain the mucus and can cause painful symptoms.

How Is It Performed?

First, a guide catheter is placed within the nose. A smaller catheter is then threaded into the inflamed sinus cavity. Your ENT doctor will use a high-definition endoscope to see inside the sinus cavity and guide the balloon catheter. A guide wire is placed into the sinus cavity and a balloon catheter is then placed over the guide wire. The balloon is slowly inflated which removes the mucous in the sinus cavity. Everything is then deflated and removed from the sinus cavity.

What Is The Recovery Like?

Patients will notice some bleeding for about a day but should be able to return to normal life within 24 hours of the surgery. Patients who need longer to recover due to anesthesia may need to rest longer though.

Will I Need This Procedure Done Again?

This depends on your symptoms and your ENT doctor. Balloon Sinuplasty is considered a non-invasive surgery which is usually the first step in relieving sinus issues. Patients who don’t see relief may need it performed again or have more invasive sinus surgery.

Talk with Charleston Allergy and ENT doctor at National Allergy and Associates about the possibility of having a balloon sinuplasty procedure done. Your ENT doctor will be the best person to discuss your symptoms and if this would be a good option to help find you sinus relief.