Charleston Allergy and ENT | How a Balloon Sinuplasty Can Bring Relief

Charleston Allergy and ENT | You may have heard about this new technology that has allowed other patients to get on with their lives without sinus issues. Balloon Sinuplasty is a safe and non-invasive surgery that is available in many markets. Consider how a balloon sinuplasty can bring you relief if you have the following:

Chronic Sinusitis:

This common condition happens when the nasal passages, or sinuses, become swollen and inflamed. Many patients with chronic sinusitis have symptoms for at least 12 weeks. Many treatments may be used in order to bring relief but usually treatments are not effective in a patient with chronic sinusitis. Patients experience a thick discharge from the nose or drainage down the throat that is discolored. It can be hard to breathe through the nose and patients will feel congested for months at a time. The sinuses become swollen and are painful to the touch. Swelling is a common side effect around the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and nose. Some patients even experience a reduced sense of taste and smell due to clogged sinuses.

Recurrent Acute Rhinosinusitis:

Patients who suffer from recurrent acute rhinosinusitis have symptoms that are caused by viral infections associated with the common cold for more than 4 weeks. Over the counter medicine like decongestants and saline nasal irrigation could be helpful in relieving pain and mucous. Antibiotics may also be prescribed by an ENT doctor if symptoms do not improve after a week. This condition produces symptoms that include nasal drainage down the throat as well as facial pain and pressure. 1 out of every 8 people experience rhino sinusitis every year and risk factors can include air travel, scuba diving, swimming, smoking, or being elderly. Other common risk factors include having asthma or allergies as well.

A balloon sinuplasty may be an effective treatment option for anyone with either of these chronic conditions. Talk with your ENT doctor at National Allergy and Associates today in order to discuss this non-invasive treatment that should bring relief.


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