Charleston Allergy Doctor | What You Can Do About Tree Pollen Allergies

Tree pollen in South Carolina coats every visible surface in a yellow dusty film every spring from March to May. There is no avoiding pollen season, but for allergy sufferers, this is the most miserable time of year. Runny noses, itchy eyes, sneezing, and coughing, every day of the week while tree pollen is taking up residence in the very air we are breathing. You don’t have to suffer through endless boxes of over the counter medications that only dull your symptoms, however. Talk to your Charleston allergy doctor today about these methods of dealing with tree pollen allergies.

  1. Antihistamines- If you are using over the counter medications make sure they are antihistamines. You should start taking these daily meds a few weeks before pollen season starts. If over the counter antihistamines don’t quite cut it, you can ask your Charleston allergy doctor about prescription options.
  2. Nasal Sprays- If you don’t want to load up on medications, nasal sprays are a great way to relieve itching and nasal congestion. Some nasal sprays include a decongestant to offer temporary relief while others are just a saline solution for clearing your nasal passages. Corticosteroid sprays are also used to reduce inflammation in the sinus cavities.
  3. Immunotherapy- For allergy sufferers with severe symptoms or who are allergic to multiple things, immunotherapy, or an allergy shot, is a great treatment option. Immunotherapy is a natural way of building up antibodies to increase your immunity to allergens and stop reactions from happening. Immunotherapy tablets are also available but are specific to certain types of pollen such as ragweed and tree pollen, as well as dust mites.

If you’re tired of your allergy symptoms controlling your life you should consider talking to a Charleston allergy doctor about the best treatment plan for you.

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