Charleston Allergy Doctor | Do I Really Need an Air Purifier?

One of the most common recommendations by a Charleston allergy doctor for people who suffer from indoor or seasonal allergies is to purchase a home air purifier. Animal dander, mold, fumes, dust mites, and other impactors of air quality can be huge triggers for someone who suffers from allergy or asthma, and an air purifier’s job is to improve your air quality so you can breathe easy.

When searching for a new air purifier for your home, get a recommendation on a brand from your Charleston allergy doctor. You’ll want to make sure than any brand you choose is certified, backed or recommended by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Some products might claim to be hypoallergenic, but there is no regulation of the use of that word, which makes it impossible to know if the air purifier is really meant to remove allergens.

Here are few other things to look for in your air purifier:

  • Room Capacity- Each air purifier will tell you on the packaging how big of a room it is meant to purify. This is called the CADR rate, Clean Air Delivery Rate, and will indicate how effective the purifier is.
  • Minimum Efficient Report Value-  A Charleston allergy doctor will tell you the most important rating to look at is the MERV rating, which tells consumers the size of the particles that the purifier can remove from the air. HEPA filters have a MERV rating of 13 and should be your guiding point.
  • Filtration Modes- Air purifiers will use either a media-based filter or an electrostatic filter. Media-based filters need to be changed regularly depending on how effective it is and are often HEPA filters. Electrostatic filters charge the particles coming through the purifier to neutralize them. There are also activated carbon filters that are constructed from porous carbon. The pores trap odors and allergens as they pass through. These also need to be replaced over time.

Air purification systems are also great for homes with pets, people who smoke in their homes, or do a lot of cooking because they are effective at removing odors and mold from the air. Everyone should breathe clean air, not just those who are patients of Charleston allergy doctors.

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