Charleston Allergy Doctor | Food Allergies and the Holidays

Charleston Allergy Doctor | When you have food allergies, going to holiday gatherings with your family, coworkers, and friends can be difficult because your choices in what you can eat are sometimes limited. Not being able to eat the food that is being served can make people think that you don’t like it; however, you can work with a Charleston allergy doctor to help get your food allergies under control and understand more about what you can and can’t eat. Here are some tips for making the holidays easier when you have food allergies:

  • Communicate Ahead of Time- You don’t have to tell everyone at the party about your food allergy; but if your food allergies are significant enough to prevent you from eating many of the foods that will be at the party, you should communicate with the host ahead of time to be polite. 
  • Make Sure You Have Your EpiPen- Any Charleston allergy doctor will tell you to make sure that you always have your EpiPen, rescue inhaler, or other needed medication with you when you are out. You never know if one of the foods you eat will be cross-contaminated with your allergen. 
  • Bring Your Own Food- If you feel like you’ll be finding yourself in a situation where you won’t be able to eat most of the food that is being served, consider bringing your own food. Communicate with the host ahead of time that you’ll be doing this. 
  • Understand Your Allergies- There is a difference between food sensitivities and food allergies. Your Charleston allergy doctor can help you understand the difference and help you discover exactly which foods are causing you trouble. If you only have a food sensitivity, it may be okay to indulge in small amounts of those amazing holiday foods you love, but it is recommended to simply avoid them.

If you need a Charleston allergy doctor’s help in making sure that you can eat your favorite holiday foods with your friends and family, call National Allergy & ENT at 843-797-8162 to schedule an appointment