Charleston Allergy Doctor | Elimination Diet and Chronic Hives 

Charleston Allergy Doctor | Hives are not a fun thing to have, and when you break out in the red, itchy blotches all over your skin, it can ruin your entire day. Chronic hives are even worse because you have to deal with them all the time. A Charleston allergy doctor can help you determine what you are allergic to or reacting to, but some of the most common reasons for chronic hives include allergies to perfumes or fragrances in soaps, lotions, detergents, environmental allergens, or a food you are eating. 

Figuring out if a food is causing your chronic hives can be pretty easy. If you ate a particular food for the first time when your hives started and then continued to eat that food over the next few days, it is undoubtedly that new food that you are eating causing your hives. You should stop eating this food immediately. However, sometimes, allergies can spontaneously happen as we get older because our immune systems start becoming less tolerant of certain things. When this happens, figuring out your new food allergy can be hard, and a Charleston allergy doctor may ask you to do an elimination diet. 

What is an Elimination Diet?

An elimination diet works by removing foods from your body that you think might be causing your allergy. Over 5-6 weeks, you will introduce the foods to your system again one by one with a few days between each. After ingesting the once eliminated food, you’ll need to watch for hives and other symptoms of allergic reaction or intolerance. 

The elimination diet can also help ease symptoms of bloating, gas, abdominal pain and discomfort, and nausea; however, you should only complete an elimination diet under the care and supervision of a Charleston allergy doctor. Once you pinpoint which food(s) is causing your symptoms, you can eliminate that food from your diet completely. 

If you have chronic hives that you think may be caused by a food allergy, call the Charleston Allergy doctors at National Allergy and ENT at 843-797-8162.