Charleston Allergy Doctor | Are You Eligible for An EpiPen?

EpiPen is in the news frequently due to their rising cost in the American healthcare market and shortages for patients who need them most. A Charleston allergy doctor is able to explain all the benefits of an EpiPen, how it can help with your severe allergies, and if you’re eligible, but if you’re wondering about EpiPen basics and how they save lives all over the world, read on.

What is An EpiPen?

An EpiPen is a brand of auto-injectable devices that administers epinephrine, a medication that can reverse the effects of anaphylaxis. Epinephrine constricts blood vessels that trigger an increase in blood pressure in order to decrease swelling. Airway muscles are able to relax, and the lungs are then able to open so that the person can breathe again. Epinephrine also stops the allergic reaction dead in its tracks so the dangerous chemicals cannot spread.

The medication currently recommended for anaphylaxis is epinephrine because it is a multi-system, multi-organ drug that works across the entire body.

Do You Need an EpiPen?

A Charleston allergy doctor should be in charge of your allergy care if you have a food or insect allergy. Many people who have severe allergic reactions to food or insect stings and bites should have prescriptions for EpiPen as it can save their lives in case of emergency. Anaphylaxis happens very quickly, in a manner of minutes and an EpiPen is a faster response than calling an ambulance or going to the hospital.

Often a child patient of a Charleston allergy doctor will outgrow their allergic reactions and no longer need an EpiPen. Oral food challenges, skin or blood testing, and other methods of evaluation may be used to determine the severity or presence of an allergy as children get older.

If you are determined to be a risk for anaphylaxis and a candidate for an EpiPen, your Charleston allergy doctor needs to educate you on how and when to use the device. Patients should also know there are other brands of EpiPen available that are generic and possibly less expensive.

For an easy step by step tutorial on how to use an EpiPen,  click here.

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