Charleston Allergy and Asthma | Does Spring Bring the Worst Pollen?

Charleston allergy and asthma sufferers dread the spring each year when the increase in pollen in the air will make them miserable. The tree pollen season in Charleston starts in late February and will last until mid-May. During this time, pollen is out in full force and a yellow film could cover every conceivable surface in Charleston and agitating the symptoms of allergy and asthma.

While it’s true that pollen in Spring is the absolute worst for people in South Carolina, there are a few tips from top allergists on how to mitigate your symptoms.

  1. Don’t Only Rely on Over the Counter Meds- While OTC medications for allergies can offer great relief for your symptoms, you cannot rely on these medications long term. Taking OTC allergy medications daily throughout the entire pollen season is not an effective method of mitigating symptoms and can become ineffective or have side effects when used long term daily. Seeing a professional Charleston allergy and asthma doctor who can prescribe the medication that is right for you can be the greatest relief through pollen season.
  2. Get Ahead of Symptoms- Don’t wait until you are already suffering from sneezing, runny noses, headaches, and eye pain to start your seasonal medications. If you need a refill, make sure to book an appointment with your Charleston allergy and asthma doctor before spring season begins.
  3. Allergy Shots and Natural Methods- Some people like to avoid medications and want a natural remedy to their seasonal allergies. You might not realize that allergy shots or immunotherapy is the most natural allergy treatment of all because it uses the allergen to build up your immunity over time and reduce your immune system sensitivity.

Pollen allergies can get in the way of your daily life and make you feel awful. As winter is ending and the beautiful trees in Charleston start producing pollen again, allergy sufferers will be looking for relief. Make sure to see your allergy doctor in Charleston and get ahead of your treatment plan.

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