Charleston Allergy and Asthma Doctor | Three Ways to Control Your Asthma Better

Treating your asthma and keeping your symptoms under control is vital for maintaining your health when you are living with this lung disease. Your asthma treatment must be managed by both yourself and a Charleston allergy and asthma doctor to be most effective. Along with following your action plan written by you and your doctor, there are three other ways you can better control your asthma symptoms.

  1. Tracking- Charleston allergy and asthma patients need to keep a diary of their symptoms and records when their symptoms are happening to determine triggers. You should record any time you feel shortness of breath, disturbed sleep due to breathing difficulties or coughing, chest tightness or pain, any time you need to use an inhaler and how many puffs, disruptions your symptoms are causing to your daily routine, if you cough up phlegm, or have hay fever symptoms.
  2. Breathing Tests- Your Charleston allergy and asthma doctor needs to have a good idea of how well your lungs are functioning and may have you come in for recurrent breathing tests. Peak flow tests can be done at home with a small, hand-held device. Spirometry tests will need to be completed in the doctor’s office, although there are hand-held versions of these for at-home use also.
  3. Adjusting Treatment- Staying in communication and keeping your follow up appointments with your asthma specialist is the best way to keep your symptoms under control. Your asthma action plan should be adjusted according to your triggers, such as seasonal allergies or changes in the environment. Your plan and treatment also need to be adjusted if you start to find yourself being poorly in control over your asthma symptoms.

When asthma is not under control, the symptoms can be fatal for many suffers. Make sure to alert your doctor when anything irregular or unusual happens with your asthma symptoms or if you want to make changes to your treatment plan.

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