Back to school preparations are in full swing. Whether your child is returning to in person classes or staying at home with virtual classes, it is important to keep asthma and allergy symptoms under control. Here are some tips and tricks for children returning to the classroom.

Take Medication: Make sure your child is taking their allergy or asthma medication as prescribed and that they are not missing any doses.

Food Allergies: It is important to inform teachers, school nurse, and other relevant personnel of any food allergies. Your child should avoid sharing food, napkins or utensils with peers. They should also try to bring a bagged lunch to school every day.

Anaphylaxis Action Plan: If your child is at risk for a life-threatening reaction then make sure to set up an Anaphylaxis Action Plan. This plan will highlight all the steps necessary when dealing with an anaphylaxis reaction. Make sure your child’s teachers and other relevant personnel know and understand the plan.

Pollen Count: If your child has allergic rhinitis then it would be beneficial to check the pollen count for your area in the mornings before school. It is important to be prepared for high pollen count levels, and this can be done with medications.

Physical Activity: It is vital for children to stay physically active. Create a strategic plan for your child so that they are able to exercise while remaining symptom-free. If you need help creating such a strategic plan then reach out to an allergist for assistance.

Need Help?

An allergist at National Allergy & ENT can answer all your back to school questions and assist you in creating treatment plans, making sure your child is on the correct medication, and more. To schedule an appointment with one of our allergists please call us at (843) 797-8162 or schedule online.