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New Asthma Study For Kids 4-11 with Inhalers.

National Allergy and ENT is conducting a new study for kids ages 4-11 who have a history of asthma (3 Months or more), and use inhalers for managing their symptoms.

What Are Clinical Research Studies?

Clinical research studies test the effectiveness, safety, and side effects of an investigational medicine(s) or an investigational device. These research studies are conducted on a group of volunteers. The volunteers participating in a clinical research study are essential in the development of new drugs and medical devices. Prescribed medications go through many Clinical Trials before they come available to the public. It normally takes more than 10 years researching a drug by the time it comes to market.

Drug companies sponsor studies of their products and work together with physician’s offices, medical centers or the government. Our primary concern is the patient’s safety and we are guided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. The FDA must approve an investigational drug for marketing before it becomes available to the public.

See If You Qualify:

  • Children Ages 4-11

  • History Of Asthma (Over 3 Months)

  • Currently Using an Inhaler

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