Asthma and ENT Doctor | 3 Asthma Triggers in the Classroom

Asthma and ENT Doctor | Sending kids back to school can become a worrisome time for parents of kids with severe allergies. There are many things to be aware of in the classroom that could possibly trigger an asthma attack. Check out what an ENT in Charleston state as the 3 common triggers for asthma within the classroom:

Chalk Dust

Many schools have upgraded to whiteboards or smart boards but some classrooms still have chalkboards. The dust that is caused by chalkboards can easily trigger an asthma attack in some students. Make sure that your child’s teacher knows about your child’s allergy as well as other areas of the school that could use chalk like PE, art, or reading teachers.


Fall is an easy time for an asthma attack for some children who are sensitive to different types of cleaning agents. Most schools receive a deep clean over the summer making these products fresh in classrooms when students return to school in the fall. Make sure that your child’s teacher knows the protocol for their asthma plan in order to help minimize the risk of an asthma attack becoming more serious.


Just like at home, there are plenty of places for mold to hide within a school. Mold can be lurking behind walls or in corners of the bathroom and go undetected. Make sure to look for mold in your child’s school if you know that your child is mold sensitive and talk with the principal if you see any mold in order to make sure that your child’s school environment is safe for them.

Make sure to make an appointment with your ENT in Charleston before school starts in order to create an asthma plan. Having a plan in place, that your child also is aware of, will help minimize confusion if an asthma attack should happen at school. If you think your child may have asthma consider contacting an ENT in Charleston at National Allergy and Associates before the first day of school.