Asthma Doctor | Tests An Asthma Doctor May Use

Asthma Doctor | If you suffer from asthma then you know that having a good doctor that is in sync with your symptoms is crucial. Asthma related issues can really cause you a lot of discomfort and can even become fatal if left untreated. When you first determine that you may have asthma and decide to see an asthma doctor, there will be certain tests that the doctor will probably run. These tests are pretty common and can provide a lot of key information about your condition. Here are a few of the tests that an asthma doctor may run.


This test is usually done on individuals over 5 years old and requires the patient to take a deep breath and blow into a tube connected to a spirometer. This records the volume of air that comes out and at what speed it came out. If these measurements are below normal it can mean that your airways are more narrow than normal. Part of this test can also involve giving you medication that treats asthma and taking the test again. If your results improve there is a good chance that you suffer from asthma.

Challenge Test

The challenge test is often given after a spirometry test. If the spirometry test is normal but there is still concern that you may have asthma then a challenge test can help bring this to light. One example of a challenge test is to have the patient perform physical activities to elevate their breathing. Then the spirometry test is performed again to see if the results change. If the spirometry test results have gotten worse there is a good chance you have asthma.

Exhaled Nitric Oxide Test

This test involves the patient breathing into a machine used to measure the amount of nitric oxide in your breath. The more nitric oxide found, the more likely that you have inflamed airways. In turn, this shows greater signs of having asthma.

There are a number of tests associated with diagnosing asthma. All of these tests help to isolate your breathing in certain situations and see if there are issues with your airways. If you think that you or someone you know may have asthma you can contact the asthma doctors at National Allergy & ENT. They have the experience necessary to diagnose and prescribe treatment to help you live a better life.