Asthma Doctor | Symptoms Of An Asthma Attack

Asthma Doctor | Asthma attacks are simply a part of life for many people living around the world. Asthma struggles come from breathing airways that are narrowed and swollen. The cause is different for each person but can often involve specific allergens that are breathed in. Asthma sufferers typically seek out an asthma doctor for treatment and medicines to help when an attack occurs. Here are some of the common symptoms when people experience an asthma attack.

Extreme Wheezing

Wheezing is a common issue of an oncoming asthma attack. The narrowing of the airways often causes a whistling sound when air if flowing out of your nose/mouth. Wheezing can be scary and the lack of oxygen can cause you to pass out.

Uncontrollable Coughing

Coughing uncontrollably is also a way to tell if an asthma attack is approaching. Coughing is often caused because air cannot flow freely from the lungs through the nasal passages. Coughing contributes to the shortness of breath experienced from an asthma attack.

Chest Tightness

During an asthma attack chest tightness often occurs. Your lungs are not receiving the proper amount of oxygen because of inflammation caused by allergens. Chest tightness is often accompanied by anxiety and panic. This occurs because you are scared that you are not getting enough air to breath.

Pale and Sweaty Skin

Pale and sweaty skin more symptoms of an asthma attack. If you cannot get enough are to breath properly it is only natural that your skin will become pale and you will start to sweat.

If you are someone you know has experienced the symptoms they should seek the advice of an asthma doctor. A great option for an asthma doctor is at National Allergy & ENT. The asthma doctors there are trained to help you deal with your asthma attacks and to live a more normal life.