Asthma Doctor | Should Your Child be Seeing an Asthma Doctor

Asthma Doctor | Asthma is a tricky disorder and can be very dangerous when left untreated. With asthma, your bronchial tubes are constantly inflamed and swollen. Certain triggers can cause these tubes to become even more swollen leading to coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, fatigue and chest tightness. Physical activity is one trigger that may cause symptoms to increase.


Asthma affects millions of children each year and children tend to develop asthma before they turn five. Unfortunately, there is no cure for asthma but it is treatable. There are also certain risk factors that children face. Some of the risks factors include allergies, family history, frequent respiratory infections, low birth way, and secondhand smoke during pregnancy.


If you suspect your child is suffering from asthma, your first call needs to be to an asthma doctor. The asthma doctor can help your child find the relief that they need by prescribing medications that are designed to make the bronchial tubes less swollen. Treatment is especially important in children because their lungs are still growing. Asthma that’s left untreated can cause permanent damage to your child’s lungs.


Once you find out for sure that your child is suffering from asthma, you should take certain steps to try to reduce their symptoms. One way to do this is keep your home as clean and dust free as possible. Another way is to either not have pets or make sure that all pet dander is cleaned daily.


If you are living in the Charleston area and you or your child are in need of an asthma doctor you should contact the doctors at National Allergy & ENT. They can provide the answers and treatment so that your child can live a normal life.