Asthma Doctor | The Dangers of Occupational Asthma

Asthma Doctors | Safety measures should be in place to protect your health while you are at work. OSHA and other related organizations are designed to protect employees in the workplace. Unfortunately, there are still work environments that do not follow proper safety protocol and can cause a hazardous environment for it’s employees.


Occupational Asthma comes from inhaling potentially harmful substances while at work, such as fumes, gases or dust. Some irritants that cause occupational asthma are hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide and ammonia. Common symptoms of occupational asthma are wheezing and difficulty breathing. Occupational Asthma is often worse when you are at work and ease up once you leave for the day.


Previous Contributing Conditions

If you develop occupational asthma, you may or may not have had asthma previously as a child. If you already had asthma, workplace allergens can really worsen your condition. Also, if you have previously had allergies growing up you are more likely to develop occupational asthma.


A family history of allergy problems also increases your risk of developing occupational asthma. Some of the allergies that can pose problems include flour, animals and latex. After several months or years of working with these items, occupational asthma can start to develop.


Diagnosis and Treatment

If you feel that you could have developed occupational asthma, you should contact an asthma doctor. The asthma doctor can work with you to diagnose the issue and pinpoint the cause. After figuring out the cause of occupational asthma, you can then work with your employer to find a way to avoid the cause. In some instances, medication can be prescribed to ease the symptom but in some cases simply avoiding the irritant is necessary.


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