Asthma Doctor | Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of a Nickel Allergy

Asthma Doctor | A nickel allergy is caused when your skin has an allergic reaction to items that contain nickel. Someone with a nickel allergy gets a rash when they touch something that is nickel based. Nickel can be in a lot of everyday items such as jewelry, coins and zippers. A nickel allergy is a common allergic contact dermatitis. More than 18 percent of people living in North American have developed an allergic reaction to nickel.


A nickel allergy can occur in both males and females but is ultimately more common in females. The most affected areas are the earlobes, the wrists and the lower abdomen. These areas are common because clothing and jewelry that contains nickel is frequently worn in these areas.



Nickel allergies cause some severe skin issues. Many people that suffer from nickel allergies have areas of their skin that become itchy, red and blistered. It is also possible that the skin shows signs of dryness, thickening and pigmented. The affected areas can become so itchy that they can keep you preoccupied from your everyday tasks.



If you develop a nickel allergy you should first contact an allergy doctor. The allergy doctor can prescribe pills or creams that can help reduce the rash and itchiness. Some over the counter lotions, such as calamine lotion, are also good to sooth the area. Once you figure out that you are allergic to nickel and you begin treatment, it can take two to four weeks for the symptoms to subside.


If you fear that you may have developed a nickel allergy you should definitely contact an asthma doctor. Some of the best allergy doctors in the Charleston area are located at National Allergy & ENT. They can test and make sure that your allergy is in fact nickel related. Then they can work with you to come up with a medication plan that works for you.